I’m an Army veteran who, as my dad and father-in-law who fought in WWII found out, relied totally on our fellow soldiers to have our backs and we had theirs. Patriotism. Selflessness. As kids, we saved dimes for war bonds. We had no car and walked everywhere or rode our bikes. My grandparents owned a mom and pop grocery store in Helena and had to ration meat, milk, sugar and much more. Sacrifice for the common good. All Americans — no complaints! We knew our enemy and knew that together we would prevail. 

Patriotism. Flash forward — America has a common enemy. We know what it is and how to defeat it. We don’t have to ration food, cars, gasoline or shoes. Our sacrifice is very small and very easy. It will save tens of thousands of lives in the months to come. Simply wear a mask over your nose and mouth. Patriotism! Selflessness! The Golden Rule! Americans at our best! Let’s take care of each other, protect our neighbors. Please. Thank you. 

—Sam Samson, Boulder

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