Right now Republicans are working hard to take away voting rights from potentially 8,000 Montanans with House Bill 176 which eliminates same day voter registration on Election Day. This law has been in place for 15 years and in 2014 the majority of Montanans voted down an initiative to eliminate same day registration. In 2018, 8,053 Montanans registered and voted on Election Day.

To representative Marta Bertoglio and her fellow Republicans who passed HB176 which will probably be signed into law by Governor Gianforte, your actions scream voter suppression of the worst kind as this bill hinders young people and Native Americans from voting as they tend to show up more at the polls on Election Day to register and vote.

The big election integrity lie by Republicans this time is the law will prevent the long lines in Broadwater County which had 53 same day voters. They don’t want to work to solve any long line issues, they want to stop same day registration in counties like Missoula County which supports same day registration. Because Missoula County had the highest number of voters of 1,320 who registered and voted on 2018 Election Day. They want Montanans in this county to have a harder time voting.

I think someone needs to get a same day registration initiative on the 2022 ballot so all Montanans have a voice in our elections.

— Rebecca Johnson, Montana City

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