The Animal Shelter and Care Committee, or AS&CC, promotes the humane treatment of animals in Jefferson County through shelter, education and spay and neuter endeavors. For over 12 years we have been providing low-cost, twice-yearly shot clinics and spay and neuter clinics for county residents and their pets.

Because of the increasing number of stray, lost and abandoned animals has become an overwhelming concern for the safety and wellbeing of both people and animals residents and hundreds of animals on the roadways, and since Jefferson County has no animal shelter, our goal is to build and facilitate a countywide nonprofit animal shelter.

We’ve made some progress. The 5,236 sq. ft. shelter will accommodate 30 dogs, 42 cats and provide the needed venue space to continue our spay and neuter program. We have received a long-term lease of 2.6 acres from the City of Boulder to locate the shelter and are now focusing on raising the needed funds for building the facility at an estimated cost of $700,000.

Yet we still have much to accomplish. Many counties are fortunate to have the budget for an animal control program and at least one small shelter to improve upon. Unfortunately Jefferson County must start from ground zero, making it that much harder to have the resources to start the process. So on the June 2020 ballot, AS&CC is proposing a permanent 9-mill levy to help fund the animal shelter and its services. The proposed mill levy, at current value, would annually cost county taxpayers an additional $12.15 on a home worth $100,000, $24.30 on a home worth $200,000 or $38.57 on a home worth $300,000.

If approved, the AS&CC will contract to provide the animal shelter and services for Jefferson County. The mill levy would provide $270,000 to help fund operating the shelter. The rest of the shelter’s estimated $328,000 budget will come from donations, fundraising and service fees. The shelter will be operated by six paid staff members and volunteers and governed by the AS&CC board.

The Animal Shelter and Care Committee hope to receive full support for a nonprofit animal shelter on the June ballot.

Cheryl Haasakker is secretary and treasurer on the Animal Shelter and Care Committee board, director of its foster care program and co-director of its spay and neuter program.

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