We support Greg DeVries for HD 75 because he is trustworthy, pro-life, committed to cutting government spending, and will continue to fight against government overreach into our freedoms.

Misrepresenting how a legislator votes on a bill is very easy to do as one bill is often about multiple unrelated issues. We’ve seen lately not only this type of misrepresentation, but also petty slander which does nothing but cause us to think less of those resorting to it.

The truth is DeVries has the endorsement of the Montana Shooting Sports Assoc. (MSSA) because he is clearly the best candidate to represent gun owners and hunters in our county. The truth is that DeVries is a small business owner and has voted for free market business interests on every bill that was truly about that, but not for bills that would shield certain businesses from competition. 

The truth is that DeVries has always been a faithful advocate for reopening our natural resources, above ground and below. The truth is that DeVries doesn’t just say he wants to cut spending, he votes to cut spending.

We are proud to vote yes for Greg DeVries HD 75. — Jay and Vivian Heslep, Montana City

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