I read with great interest the article, “Gold Rush: County plans for $2.4 million windfall” (May 12). It appears the folks planning how to spend — or is it invest? — this windfall have overlooked where this money is really coming from. It is being stolen from our kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids.  How anyone can justify spending this stolen money to improve our current standard of living is beyond my understanding.

Would you actually steal your kids’ piggy bank to buy yourself a case of beer? Most of us would not. I was taught, as were most folks, that you should stand on your own two feet and not live off the fruits of someone else’s labor. It is even more distasteful when this money is being stolen from folks, some not even born, that have no say in what is happening.

Giving money to “not for profits” is wrong. Not for profits are the definition of special interest groups. Some do, maybe, worthwhile things, others just foolish things and others things that are directly against the people of Jefferson County. Giving a bonus to County employees who, unlike many folks, got paid during the ordeal is wrong. Using the money to leverage other moneys that are also stolen from our kids is wrong.  In fact, I did not see one thing on the list of ideas that in any way benefited the folks that are actually paying for this windfall, our kids.

The only ideas that should even be considered are those that will enhance our kids’ ability to pay this money back when the bills come due. And they will.         

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