Just a note to assure your readers that I do indeed talk to Democrats. I also listen to news. I even read on special occasions, sometimes publications without pictures. And, God forbid, I try very hard to think for myself. I even have a working knowledge of our Constitution, which is a truly miraculous document. I think we would all benefit from following it rather than doing our best to avoid it.

I will grant that most local Democrats don’t subscribe to the notion that guns are inherently evil, that socialism is the cure for all that is wrong with America, nor do they support wholesale uncontrolled abortion or illegal immigration. Good for them!

But -- they still choose to blindly vote for and follow the leadership of the Democratic National Committee, which, openly or otherwise, seems to support all of the above.

“Work together” is the battle cry, but when push comes to shove, our elected Democrats immediately stop considering alternative views and, like sheep, follow the rules of the DNC, their eyes set on the almighty dollars available at election time. Yes, unfortunately, too many Republicans do the same thing.

Your call for civility is almost laughable in light of the treatment our legally elected president has received. Washington has been in gridlock since his inauguration while everyone searches mindlessly for some method, just anything, to be rid of him.

So, I agree, let’s work together to solve some of our nation’s ills. What is obvious to me is that our elected officials, with very few notable exceptions, are more interested in padding their own nests and tearing apart the opposition than in even the slightest degree of bi-partisan problem solving.

Perhaps term limits could help, along with a lifetime ban on government or lobbyist jobs for those retired by the term limits. The one thing that is certain is that Washington is a mess, and most of our state capitals are no better.

What’s your solution? - Greg Thackeray, Boulder

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