Whew! The election’s over.   And hooray!  We don’t have to watch thousands of political ads and get asked to contribute... until the next election cycle, which starts in less than a year.

We all feel this way.  We’re all glad it’s done, whether we’re Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Greens, or Libertarians.

We have something else in common.  We’re trying to stop the flood of money and ads.

Do you know that, in 2012, all of our 56 Montana counties passed Citizens Initiative I-166?  We called on Congress to pass an amendment to the US Constitution to: 

“... establish that there should be a level playing field in campaign spending, 

...prohibiting corporate campaign contributions and expenditures and ... limiting political spending in elections” and “establishing that corporations are not human beings entitled to constitutional rights.” 

It’s been nine long years and our counties need to stand together again.  

Please call (406-444-4800) now and tell the Montana House State Administration Committee and your legislator to vote yes on House Resolution 3 which calls on Congress to pass that Constitutional amendment!

You can also:

Find House legislators  https://leg.mt.gov/legislator-lookup/

— Sue Kirchmyer, Missoula

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