It should be noted that when the work on the kiosk was being done, it was said that upon its completion the poop collection station was to be reinstalled.  I have sent several emails to City Hall and each time, I have been advised that the Department of Public Works will reinstall it.  Now with the arrival of spring, the Main Street side of Veteran’s Park remains without a poop collection station.  People being people, no one wants to have to walk from one side of the park to another to get a bag and then walk back to pick up the poop.  Since the poop collection station includes a receptacle for disposing of the collection bag, there is no need to carry a full collection bag back home with me to dispose of it. I know that I take at least two collection bags with me when I do walk my dog by the park since there are times that my dog makes two deposits.

 — Joel Schreibman, Boulder

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