A note of clarification for Jim Buterbaugh, candidate for SD38

While I believe that all decisions need to be done under the guidelines of the State and Federal Constitution, I do not consider myself a ‘strict’ constitutionalist. 

I do believe in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Our society is based on them. I believe that all people are created equal and have the right to life, liberty, freedom of religion and the pursuit of happiness, within the laws of Montana and the United States of course. 

I was disappointed to see the label of strict constitutionalist, as I never claimed it. 

I am a conservative republican as I believe in following all laws of this country.

I am a conservative republican as I believe in the oath of office that every person that is elected to office must swear to. Including judges. I am a conservative republican as I believe that judges are in place to tend to laws, not decide which laws to tend to. I am a conservative republican as I believe that government officials should have no secrets when tending to the people’s business and spending the people’s tax dollars. 

I point this out simply because this is not the case with today’s governments. Even in Montana. We have activist judges that ignore the law to carry out their agenda, even in the Montana Supreme Court. 

We have a governor that hides money spent in buying off people who have been fouled by his administration. A governor who hides what is being done with the 1.25 billion COVID-19 dollars from not just the people of Montana, but also from the Montana House and Senate. 

That’s all I ask and expect from elected officials and those that are hired in government. Respect the laws. Respect the taxpayers needs for transparency. Respect your oath of office. Respect the taxpayer.

I don’t consider this an indication of being a strict constitutionalist. I consider this being a law abiding citizen, a citizen that respects all lives and all aspects of life. — Jim Buterbaugh,candidate, Senate District 38

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