Recently I saw an article about public lands being threatened. This article was sent Montana-wide by the Montana Wildlife Federation. It was an interesting read that claimed there were several bills set out to take away, intrude upon or defund public lands. I have been following the goings on in Helena and didn’t recall any such bills.  

I checked out the claims and was not really surprised to see that these claims didn’t line up with the bill number given. The closest was the claim that HB320 would pave the way to sell public lands. Except the actual bill prohibits the sale of public lands. It claimed that SB354 would restrict public access. When all it does is allow landowners to put up signs along easements that cross their property.  

Many of these bill numbers had to do with marijuana laws (HB670, 683,701,707), not stripping millions from public land projects as claimed. None of the claims seem to pan out. I found these discrepancies to be odd. I thought maybe they meant past sessions, so I checked all the way back to 2001 and nothing lined up. 

I don’t know why this is. I do know that all this division is hurting our country. I look across the country and can’t understand how everyday Americans can fall for so many false narratives. Instead of villainizing each other with lies and half-truths, how about we figure out what is true, what is not and hold those responsible for the lie responsible.  


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