I just read your two and one half page article by Eric Dietrich of the Montana Free Press in the Dec. 25 issue of The Monitor. In my opinion, it is an editorial masquerading as a news story.

Dietrich was reporting on an attempt by 40 climate activists to bully the PSC and NorthWestern Energy into putting our electrical supply at risk. He whines that the five member PSC has five Republicans. I believe we elect the PSC members and it appears we have rejected Democrats for that board. He also claims that at least one of these Republicans is a climate change skeptic.

He also cites a NASA report that 97% of active climate scientists claim that global warming is a scientific fact. He fails to point out that NASA thought locking three of its employees in box containing lots of combustible materials with no access to fire suppression equipment and filling the box with 100% oxygen was a good idea. The same NASA that thought O-rings stayed pliable enough when the temperature drops to still make a good seal. Need I continue?

He goes on to tell us the NOAA claims the CO2 level is 407 ppm, a 45% increase since the 1700s. He fails to tell us that most of the plants we have today evolved when the CO2 level was 4 times (>1600 ppm) what it is today. He also fails to point out that NOAA, the folks responsible for the global warming temperature measurements, cannot figure out how to measure, actually infer, the air temperature above the seas. They have changed their approach several times and cannot settle on one. Since the seas cover >70% of the earth’s surface this seems important.

I have a solution to the activists’ concerns with NorthWestern Energy’s increase in its generating capacity. These activists should agree to have NorthWestern Energy selectively cut their power whenever electricity demand exceeds the supply. The rest of us won’t have to pay 30 times the going rate to buy power; we can just use the activists as a buffer.

I also suggest the Monitor find some actual journalists to write your stories or put this propaganda under an opinion piece title. It is not reporting! - Bob Sims, Boulder

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