“The story of Boulder’s ‘Bryher Patch’/youth garden,” by Rochelle Hesford got me thinking — about thanking! It really does take a village to implement and sustain projects like community gardens. According to Hesford’s piece, it seems like many Boulder folks (and beyond) were able to benefit from contributing, in some way, to the Bryher Patch. I hope something can be worked out to continue the tradition. Perhaps the schools could provide “the dirt” to continue. Here’s a link for looking into potential funding for a schoolyard garden project, just FYI:  https://growingspaces.com/gardening-grants/

p.s. It takes a village and beyond to keep local papers going, too. Many thanks to The Monitor’s staff for their efforts to successfully to keep the community (and way beyond) informed. And it just keeps getting better! If you haven’t subscribed to The Monitor — you should! It’s definitely worth every penny.

Betsy Perna

Fort Collins, Colorado

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