In a previous issue of the Boulder Monitor there was an interesting article about the difficulties the county had in finding volunteers for the volunteer fire department and emergency medical services. In the same issue, there was a rambling sermon by Rep. Greg DeVries.

That got me to wondering how Greg DeVries contributes to the community.

Is he a volunteer firefighter? No. Is he a volunteer EMT? Nope. Does he serve on our local school boards? Oh, of course not, he doesn’t believe in public education. How many county commission meetings does he attend? Good question. Does he participate in the county planning boards? How does he address the many needs in our community? As a small business owner, he certainly has the time to contribute to the many needs of the community.

Many people believe that community service is both a privilege and an obligation. I believe this is especially true of our elected officials. I hope that in Greg DeVries’s next published sermon he will address these issues and let the citizens of Jefferson County know just how he contributes to the community. - Karole Lee, Clancy

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