I have lived in Basin all my life and have worked on the Basin water system for about 60 years. 

The Basin Water and Sewer District Board has plans to put water meters into the system. I have to object to this idea. 

First, the water meters are not going to fix the leaks, nor do we need more services to maintain. 

I believe the right approach to the problem would be to start with the purchase of a leak detector. 

Then start with all the defective risers (curb stops) — replace, clean, repair and add to the now existing ones — and as these are opened up, they can be checked for leaks. If leaks do exist, they can be stemmed off to the side of the road far enough where an existing dig can be performed without tearing up the road surface again. It seems foolish to dig up 140-150 risers when maybe only 20 or 30 have to be repaired.

Right now we have more than enough money from what we have saved to fix our much needed water quality and supply. 

Plus, we will have a leak free system, a machine to detect future problems and be able to maintain a healthy and affordable system for years to come.

 — Don O’Neill, Basin 

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