Over the past two decades we have traded in logical thought for feelings. This is true in the epic failure of the “flatten the curve” policies.

When originally asked to take six weeks and quarantine until we figured out what COVID looked like it made sense. This would give time for hospitals to prepare, treatments to be determined and the populace educated as to when to seek medical help and when to ride it out. Six months later it is plain to anyone with common sense there is no exit strategy.

If you are concerned for your health I wholeheartedly support your right to wear a mask and/ or sequester yourself in your home, but quit asking the rest of us to live in your fears with you.

Not to turn this to a battle of statistics, but the CDC currently has case fatality at 2.5%. They also say that at least 94% of those deaths had underlying conditions. That means .15% of those that test positive will die specifically from the Coronavirus. This isn’t the zombie apocalypse.

Flattening the curve doesn’t mean the curve goes away. We need to stop being amazed when COVID cases increase since we have artificially been keeping them suppressed. If we would have allowed it to run its course, we would have had more cases and yes, more deaths, but we would be through this crisis. It is time to move away from unrealistic goals of risk avoidance and start risk management.

— Stu Goodner, Boulder

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