The answer to Greg Thackery’s question in his Oct. 23 letter — “What is your solution?” — is very simple.

During the 2016 election, candidate Donald Trump asked minority communities and the common man “Vote for me, what do you have to lose?” I’ll reverse that question: If you vote for the Democrat in 2020, what do you have to lose?

The list is long! Our security, our strong economy, our gun rights, the sanctity of life, our moral compass, our standard of living and quality of life, the quality of our health care system, our free and fair election system and ultimately our sovereignty due to the lack of leadership from Democrats particularly as it relates to communist China’s aggression, the House Democrats failure to pass the United States/Mexico/Canada Agreement, their failure to pass the Infrastructure Bill, their failure to pass immigration reform, their war on our gun rights, their insane environmental agenda, and their destructive sanctuary cities policies that inhibit law enforcement’s ability to protect our citizens ... the list goes on. All these failures just because all Democrats can focus on is impeachment and opposing anything Republican and their lack of any positive legislative agenda to benefit the country.

So, I suggest that what you stand to lose by voting for the Democrat in the 2020 election is your freedom, our Constitutional Republic as a form of government and very possibly, in the end, our country.

Socialism and fascism, economic systems that always fail and lead to tyranny, are the rallying cry of the Democratic presidential candidates for 2020. Yes, maybe most local Democrats don’t believe in these things, but, if you vote for those who do, you are in fact one of them.

Because of all the things listed above and many more being exposed daily in the media (that is not fake news), I’ll vote Republican in 2020. - James McCauley, Boulder

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