However Republicans choose to spend their mandate… doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a mandate to do what you want to do.  


You do not have a mandate to defund Social Security, a very sacred government promise to use the taxes we’ve paid into all our working years and repay our investment with Social Security benefits during our retirement … If anything, even Republicans are mandated to respect and honor that agreement. 

You do not have a mandate to roll back regulations that prevent pollution measures from being maintained. Winning an election does not mean that you now have the right to begin again to pollute our water and air, thereby increasing the profits of polluters… More unsafe drinking water and filthy air were not the reason for the red wave in Montana.  

You do not have a mandate to sell public lands to private companies.

You do not have a mandate to disallow public protest. 

You do not have a mandate to cut social services. 

 You do not have a mandate to begin a new arms race… impose economic sanctions on socialistic governments … to attack Iran … to ignore global warming … to violate peace agreements… 

You do have a mandate to find legal ways of limiting the number of legal abortions. Many people voted for Republicans so they would make all abortions illegal, for many that was the only reason they voted straight Republican…  

 Be very careful not to overstep your bounds and betray the public trust for private gain. 

— Dean Grenz, Boulder

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