The letter by Bryher Herak (“Polarizing misconceptions threaten us,” Oct. 16) explained something I have been struggling with: why friends who are Democrats are still Democrats when the party has changed dramatically.

She says she knows very few Democrats who are socialist but her party is for socialism. She says no Democrat she knows wants to take our guns away. But every candidate for president agrees on many gun control measures, some more drastic than others. She knows no one who supports illegal immigration but, again, her party is for open borders and no border wall. She knows no one who supports abortion up to the day of birth but only three Democrats voted against this. Our Sen. Jon Tester voted for it.

The Democrat Party has changed but I think many Democrats have no idea how much it has changed. I wish it would be less radical and I could feel comfortable voting for a Democrat but as long as the party supports these ideas, I could never vote for a Democratic candidate. - Denise Feller, East Helena

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