Steve Bullock’s ads could leave one wondering if he is really running for the Senate, or another term as governor.  Such a list of self promoting brags.  I take particular note of his claim of “conservative budgeting.”  I was still a member of the Montana Senate during Bullock’s first two years as governor.  It appeared to me that he never saw a spending proposal he didn’t like.  While it is true that the Legislature has enacted conservative budgets all during Bullock’s time as governor, it was to the great displeasure of the governor.

Earlier this year he was a candidate for president of the USA.  I saw him interviewed in another state where he said he would support some gun control measures being promoted by other Democrats.  Now, back in Montana, running for the U.S. Senate, he claims to be a great defender of gun owners rights.  Also, as a candidate for president he spoke favorably of a carbon tax.  Now, back in Montana as a Senate candidate he says he opposes a carbon tax.  When you say different things about the same subject, and it is all on video it gets rather awkward.  The voters of Montana have a right to know which statements are the truth, or if either are the truth.  Montana has enjoyed balanced budgets for quite some time.  It is largely due to the taxes paid by the oil, gas and coal industries.  A carbon tax is a direct attack on those industries.  Without those industries the rest of us would have to dig much deeper to fund our state government.  I have a fair amount of experience in Montana politics, as a legislator, and as a lobbyist.  I found that the advice we read in Matthew 5:17 should always be followed.  It says “Let your yes be yes, and your no be no.”  Don’t change your statements to suit the audience that day.  Consistency is needed.  Both sides of the fence simultaneously is an uncomfortable place to be.  I am disappointed to see the governor placing himself in that position.

— Terry Murphy, Cardwell

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