Ms. Johnson makes an emotional plea in this week’s letters to the editor for voter suppression without any provision for voter integrity. Lets analyze her argument.

You can’t get a vaccine the same day. Can’t usually get a doctor’s, dentist, haircut or driver’s license appointment the same day. In these cases you actually have to plan in advance for one of these. Isn’t voter integrity as important as these?

Why did she have to use 15 years worth of data to come up with her 60,000 number? Because nobody really uses the same day voting. If you divide her 60,000 by 15 years you get 4,000 per year. In 2020 there were 752,538 registered voters in Montana. Doing the math this means about 1/2 of a percent of the registered voters used the same day voting options. Not really in high demand after all.

Finally, if I were a disabled vet, young or elderly voter, or a Native American I would be offended that Ms. Johnson has stereotyped me as being the type of person that could not register to vote during the normal time window, and requires special treatment. I do agree though, that every eligible Montanan have a voice in our elections, but only one vote.

— Stu Goodner, Boulder

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