I often do double takes reading The Boulder Monitor. Is this the Colorado Boulder or the Montana one?

For example, the guest piece from Brian Sexton betrayed not only his complete lack of understanding regarding the 2nd Amendment, but even a distain for it. The Founds didn’t spell out our right to keep and bear “graceful lines (and) tight grain wood.” They specifically intended our right to keep and bear “arms” chiefly as a means of the people to resist tyranny, and secondly, to defend ourselves foremothers. He asked,”What type of threat necessitates military firepower?” Uh … a tyrannical government with military firepower. Graceful lines and tight wood grains may cause shock and aw with Brian, but do little to defend ones life, liberty or property from a criminal.

The “short heard ‘round the word” was not a photo of the “immaculate bluing” of some antique, it was the discharge of an “assault weapon” aimed at aggressors in defense of our liberty.

Accordingly, kudos to Rep. Marta Bertoglio in her for votes for 2nd Amendment rights.

— Greg DeVries, Jefferson City

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