As a former resident of Boulder for many years and one of the founders of the Animal Shelter and Care Committee (AS&CC) I was very disappointed that the animal shelter levy failed. For the last 12 years the AS&CC has held many spay/neuter and low cost shot clinics, held fundraisers, found foster and permanent homes for lost, abused and unwanted pets for Jefferson County. There has been a lot of hard work done by just a few volunteers and I am sure most voters in Jefferson County have been touched by their endeavors in one or more ways.

If this levy had passed this would have allowed a shelter to be built, created jobs, housed a safe haven for animals suffering from hunger, cold, heat, abuse and cared for the pets until claimed by their owner or helped find a new forever home for a cat or dog. Being a taxpayer myself and understanding the impact of higher taxes, I feel thatin this case having a shelter, animal control and having a holding place for the lost and unwanted pets would have been a great advantage for Jefferson County, Montana. All the support the AS&CC has received to continue these services, I was very surprised that such a good cause did not pass. Thank you for those of you who did support the shelter levy. — Charlene Hall, Kentucky

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