Jered Padmos, who had an outstanding career at Jefferson High School, will play in his last regular season college football game this Saturday when the Montana State University Bobcats host the University of Montana Grizzlies. This is a huge game for both teams.

Padmos will see his high school teammate Trase LeTexier on the other side of the line. LeTexier will still have two more years of eligibility as he was a red shirt the first year and missed one year with an injury.

As a Panther Padmos got his name on the record board many times. He played as quarterback, kicker and punter. He was a real threat on kickoffs, as most of his kicks went into the end zone to eliminate any possibility of returns by the opposing teams. He holds or shares school records on field goals in a season - eight -- has the longest field goal by far with a 47-yarder, and 14 career field goals. He holds the records on PATs with 39 in a season and 113 in his career. Padmos also competed in basketball and track at JHS, where he was part of the record-setting teams in the 4X100 and 4X400 relays.

Padmos has been a starter all four years at Montana State. With one remaining game in the 2019 regular season, he has punted 45 times with 16 of those traveling at least 50 yards and only 12 returns (not including last week’s stats). He averaged 51.4 yards per punt at Texas Tech, second best in the nation during week one, pinning the opponent inside the 20 four times and inside the five-yard line once. Padmos’ 76-yard punt at Western Illinois is his career long and tied for sixth-longest in MSU history. He has two 76-yard punts, one 70-yarder, two at 66 yards, one at 63 yards and two at 60 yards. With two games not in the stats this year he has punted 45 times for 2049 yards for a 45.5-yard average -- longest at 76 yards -- four touchbacks, eight fair catches, and 11 games with an average over 50 yards. He is averaging nearly 41 yards per punt for his career, according to stats provided by William Lamberty at MSU.

LeTexier had a huge impact on the football team all of his four years at Jefferson High School. He holds two records in football -- his 375 career tackles and 58 season assisted tackles are on the board and most likely will stay there awhile. LeTexier also played basketball and competed in track and field. He placed in the shot put at the State meet in Kalispell his senior year, in basketball he was a force that all the opposing teams had no answer for and he holds the JHS record for percentage of field goals made with 10 for 10 in a game, for 100%.

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