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Practices started  last week for Jefferson High’s cross country, volleyball and football. All the sports have had great turn-outs, and the kids are eager to blow off some steam. 

JHS is still planning on fall sports — but as the pandemic evolves, the situation is changing every day. We are continually looking at ways that teams can start safely. 

Play is scheduled to start on Aug. 28, with football hosting Florence-Carlton at 7 p.m. and the volleyball teams traveling to Choteau. The JHS cross country meet is set to take place on Saturday, Aug. 29, with a limited number of schools and runners participating. 

We’ve seen one cancelation so far: In volleyball, Missoula Loyola has scrapped its visit to Boulder scheduled for Sept. 3. Others may do the same as we get closer to the game dates. There’s just so much uncertainty at this point. 

When sports are played, they won’t be contested as has been normal for so many years. Unfortunately, the number of spectators will have to drop: At this point, JHS will not allow any fans from opposing schools, and only two family members per JHS player will be able to watch. Most of the schools I have been hearing from are doing much the same thing, and some are not allowing any fans at all. 

Fortunately, all home games will be broadcast on Jefferson County Radio and available to watch on your cell phone or computer. 

Meanwhile, classes start on Monday, Aug. 24, for the 90-plus freshmen who are entering JHS. Classes for everyone else begin the next day — and as with sports, things will not be the same.

Rooms have been moved around, tables have been replaced with desks — and those will be spread apart — masks will be worn, lunch will be delivered to each room, and classes will be released at different times in order to keep away from overcrowding in the halls. For teachers and staff, cleaning and sanitizing will be an all-day job as the school works hard to protect the students and keep them safe and healthy. 

We’ll keep you posted as the sports situation evolves. It sure would be good to actually have some games to report on.

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