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Youth Dynamics plans to overhaul its Boulder campus, pictured here on Oct. 12, with about $2 million in upgrades. 

Youth Dynamics is in the process of raising $3 million to expand its facilities and programs—$2 million of which is slated to go toward the nonprofit's campus south of Boulder. 

Youth Dynamics, which bills itself as "Montana’s largest provider of mental and behavioral health care," announced the fundraising campaign on Oct. 8. The Billings Gazette reported that day that the organization had already raised $2.1 million. 

According to a page for the fundraiser on Youth Dynamics' website, $2 million will go toward building "a better Boulder campus." 

Since 2005, the organization, often known as YDI, has operated a residential campus in Boulder that offers treatment for "highly sexualized youth," according to the YDI website, which noted that the Boulder campus was expanded with two additional group homes in 2008. 

The fundraiser webpage notes that, although the Boulder facility complies with building codes, "the campus does little to inspire hope or positive change," and is in need of "overdue maintenance, renovation and complete replacement." The page further states that "the grounds themselves do little to promote positivity. Where there should be grass, there is dirt," and "while there is room to move, there is little to do with minimal play structures." 

With the $2 million, Youth Dynamics plans to renovate or replace the group homes. 

The remaining $1 million of the fundraiser will go toward hiring more case managers across Montana, the page stated. 

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