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Marta Bertoglio

The 67th Session of the Montana Legislature convened on Monday under extraordinary circumstances. Not only do Republicans hold every statewide office and both chambers of the Legislature, but we begin our work with unified government under the cloud of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Montana Legislature only meets for 90 days every other year, so your Montana House hit the ground running on week one.  

As legislators, our constituents sent us to Helena to achieve outcomes that will help Montana families and businesses succeed. The House and Senate leadership held a meeting and are unified in passing legislation which will:

•Protect Montana’s checkbook by passing a balanced budget with no tax increases

•Protect rights and individual freedom by preserving the line separating personal freedom from government intrusion.

•Guard Montana’s outdoor heritage by taking action to preserve the Big Sky for generations to come.

•Create reliable healthcare options by building a stable healthcare system that Montanans can count on for the long-term.

•Provide education solutions for all Montana families by providing new educational options for students and parents to achieve individual success.

I am currently working on a few bills to include a bill pertaining to the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) that provides clarification on earned compensation and bringing sections of MCA into compliance with IRS updates as a result of the SECURE Act, a bill providing military children the opportunity to enroll in a school district prior to physically establishing residency, and a bill providing flexibility in licensure for professional educational staff as well as further expanding CTE and educational opportunities for Montana students.

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