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Mayor Rusty Giulio has approved a zoning permit for Town Pump, putting the company one step closer to beginning its expansion plans for the store located in Boulder. 

At Monday’s City Council meeting, Giulio said he usually just signs off on zoning permits, but since this is a major expansion, he wanted to do so publicly due to the size of the project, as well as in the spirit of transparency.

Town Pump plans to more than double the size of its store and casino. 

The final piece needed before the company can move forward is a memorandum of understanding between the city, Town Pump and Skytop ranch concerning the construction and maintenance of a retention pond, to be located west of Adams Street. 

The retention pond would be designed to alleviate flooding in that area. 

Dan Sampson, Town Pump’s construction and development manager, said the MOU needs to be finalized before construction can begin on the pond, and that is the first task that needs to be completed in the project.

As described in September, the MOU calls for Skytop Ranch to deed two acres for the pond to be constructed by Town Pump and maintained by the city. 

The MOU was tabled until the November City Council meeting. 

Sampson said that once that is signed, the company will bring in fill material and grade the site. 

“We plan to get as much of this done as possible before the freeze sets in. Unless we get a warm winter, the fill and grading work will not likely be complete until spring which, of course, means the construction of the new building would not likely start until spring,” said Sampson in an email to the Monitor. 

Sampson estimates that building the new building would take about seven months.

“Assuming we get the building underway in March, that would put us complete next September/October,” said Sampson. 

The company had planned to begin construction earlier this year, but had to first work out the details on the retention pond.

“We were hoping to begin construction this last spring.  During our pre-construction conversations with the city, Mayor Guilio asked if we could take another look at the pond.  The Mayor’s retention pond idea is something that can really help the city with their spring flooding issues and we strive to be good community members and neighbors so we agreed to take another look at it.  We met with the City of Boulder and a representative of Skytop Ranch and were able to come up with an idea that will allow the pond to be built without putting undue hardship on any of the participants.  The city, Skytop Ranch, and Town Pump are all working together to get the necessary agreements in place so that the pond can be constructed along with our project,” said Sampson. 

The existing store would remain open while construction is ongoing. Once the new store is open and running, the existing store would be torn down, according to information provided earlier this year. 

The new, roughly 100,000 square foot store would be built behind the existing store and the remaining area would be repaved and contoured and fueling islands redesigned.  

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