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To our readers:

This Sunday, Jan. 12, The Monitor’s website will go behind a paywall. This means that only paid subscribers will be able to see most of the stories, photos, and other content online.

If you’re a subscriber and have already registered on the website, great; you don’t need to do anything more. If you haven’t registered, please follow the instructions here; it should take five minutes. (If you subscribe to our emailed PDF version, please contact us at for help.)

And if you’re not a subscriber…well, now is a fine opportunity to join in! Subscribing to The Monitor is a way to keep up with the fast-changing economic, political, and social forces that are reshaping Jefferson County – and to sound smarter at parties. You can sign up via the link at the top of our home page at

We will keep a few features, like “The Lives of Jefferson County” from our January 1 issue, in front of the paywall, so that the entire community can enjoy them. And when there’s urgent breaking news that we think everyone should see, we’ll make that freely available, too.

This change affects the website only. The printed newspaper will continue to arrive in your mailbox once a week, every week.

Please reach out to us if you have questions or need help. And many thanks for your continued support as we make this important transition. —Keith Hammonds

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