Dani Morris

Dani Morris win election to an at-large trustee position on the Jefferson County High School Board.  

Dani Morris, a Clancy resident who serves as president of the Clancy Parent Council, was elected last week to the at-large position on the Jefferson High School Board of Trustees.

Morris secured 601 votes, 37% of those casts, besting Montana City resident Dan Johnson and Carrie Lindsay of Clancy, according to the county Election Administrator. Incumbent and Board Chair Camilla Robson ran unopposed to continue representing the Clancy Elementary District.

Morris said she looked forward to being “part of the future of JHS, with the bond campaign and improvements to the school. It’s an exciting time to be involved.”

In the vote for Montana City School trustees, incumbents Stephanie Boysen and Mikal Wilkerson retained their seats, turning back a bid by Patricia Spencer.

Montana City voters narrowly approved a mill levy increase of $50,000 to support the school’s technology needs. 55% of voters supported the increase.

The Clancy School, the Basin School, and Boulder Elementary School all cancelled their elections, where candidates ran unopposed. Marissa Ostby will continue to serve as a trustee at Clancy; and Shannon Phillips will serve another term at Basin. Carrie Harris will return to the board at Boulder Elementary; and Cheryl Hecht will fill the seat vacated by Eric Rykal.

In Basin, Dema (DeDe) Rhodes ran unopposed for a one-year term on the Basin County Water and/or Sewer District Board. Separately, Jefferson County appointed four residents, of eight who applied, to fill seats left open following the resignation of former members.

Among those, Brian Carver and Ronald E. Hale will serve until May, 2022; state law requires that they then run for election to serve out the remainder of their unexpired two-year terms. Nancy Smallwood and Jason Norman were appointed for terms that expire next May, after which they may run for new four-year terms. 

The County also appointed Bruce Wagner and John Heide to one-year terms on the Bull Mountain Fire District; and Dave Gruber and Jason Gilliland to one-year terms for the Clancy Fire Service Area.

In the county’s other fire districts, candidates ran unopposed for three-year terms. Richard Rhodes will serve on the Basin Fire District; John J. Kump and Juliann T. Crnich in Elk Park; George DeMers and Bret Lian in Jefferson City; Ronald W, Howser in Jefferson Valley; and Richard Abraham in Montana City.

Scott Richard Erickson, Lynora Rogstad, and Elizabeth Willeford McNamara were elected to serve the North Jefferson County Public Library District.

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