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The Boulder Planning Board is taking a look at proposing revisions to the city’s 2016 emergency resolution concerning mobile homes. 

Mayor Rusty Giulio thinks the age limit placed on mobile homes in the resolution is too restrictive and the Planning Board discussed changing that limit at its Jan. 4 meeting.

Currently, any mobile or modular home 20 years or older and not meeting HUD standards is not allowed to come into the city. That would include mobile or modular homes constructed prior to 2001. 

The emergency resolution was passed in 2016 after a fire destroyed two mobile homes, damaged two others and threatened several more in a Boulder trailer court. The fire was attributed to the age of the structures, as well as their close proximity to each other. 

Jefferson County Planner LaDana Hintz said the state uses the date of Jan. 1, 1990 to describe a manufactured home for the purposes of establishing a zoning district. There was some discussion on using that date as the cutoff rather than the 20 years. 

However, there was some discussion on the difference between mobile, manufactured and modular homes. Hintz also pointed out that the state statute does not include tiny houses or RVs, which could be part of the discussion. 

According to state statute, a manufactured home is factory-built in compliance with HUD and federal housing codes and a mobile home is one that exceeds eight feet in width or 45-feet in length, designed to be moved from place to place and used as a primary residence. 

Under state statute, a manufactured home does not include a mobile home. 

A manufactured home is also one placed on a permanent foundation, at least 1,000 square feet in size and has a pitched room, among other qualifications. 

A modular home is also built in a factory, but once placed, is not intended to be moved at a later date, according to

Another area of discussion centered on the setbacks, which planners pointed out appear to differ between the emergency resolution and the city’s zoning ordinance. 

The emergency resolution calls for 30 feet between units. The city’s zoning ordinance calls for a side yard of no less than 10 feet abutting interior lot lines for medium density residential districts, which includes mobile home parks and modular homes.

Utimately, all revisions would need to be approved by the City Council. 

The Planning Board plans to continue the discussion at its next meeting on Feb. 1.

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