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The Sweet Spot on Main Street in Boulder has applied for funds to replace the broken concrete along the front and side of the store. (Diana McFarland/Boulder Monitor)

The Boulder City Council will consider two more applications for the Boulder Development Fund facade improvement program at its May 18 meeting.

Sweet Spot owner Kayla Holman has applied for $7,500 to add 2,127 square feet of stamped concrete.

Holman said the stamped concrete will go around the coffee shop and garage to replace all the broken concrete around the front and along the drive through. 

The total project cost is estimated at $12,762 and will be done by Mad Dog Enterprises, with Bruce Guilio listed as the contact for the company. 

Improvements to the Windsor Bar call for cleaning and resealing the brick and granite, with $7,500 to come from the facade improvement program. The total project cost is estimated at $11,700 and will be done by Bailey Masonry. Both projects are expected to begin June 1.

Boulder Mayor Rusty Giulio owns both buildings.

The Boulder Development Fund Board in March agreed that the mayor is a Boulder business owner and is eligible to apply for funding through the facade improvement program without it being a conflict of interest. The Board also agreed that its members affiliated with businesses within the facade improvement district are also eligible for program funding. 

The two applications have been approved by the Planning Board, according to Jefferson County Planner LaDana Hintz at the May 6 Boulder Development Fund Board meeting. 

In total, there have been five applications for facade improvements funds, with three already approved by the City Council — the Boulder-Basin Masonic Lodge #41, the Boulder Basin Senior Center and Hardware Hank. 

The Facade Improvement Program was one of 15 projects identified for the Boulder Development Fund — a $500,000 allocation from the state to support economic development in the city after the closing of the Montana Development Center. 

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