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The new Montana City Transfer Station features state-of-the-art canister site design. (Diana McFarland/Boulder Monitor)

After months of construction, the Montana City Transfer site has reopened as of Oct. 31.

“We had a few delays in the early part of the project, but it went pretty well,” said Jefferson County Solid Waste Manager Brian Hohn, who explained that the old canister site was wholly demolished to allow for the construction of a facility about three times the size of the previous site.

During construction, a temporary site was established in June in the overflow parking area at the Montana City School.

“The total amount that was requested from the Montana Department of Commerce was $880,000. We are still having final costs coming in so I don’t have a final number yet,” said Hohn. 

The updated site is more user-friendly and allowed for easier entrances and egress of vehicles than the previous site, according to Hohn. This was an important change for the facility as he stated that on busy weekends during the spring and summer the site would see 600 vehicles. 

“It was unbearable, for the site attendants and the residents...I’m surprised we didn’t have more vehicle accidents,” he said of the site that was built in the late 1980s to early 1990s.

The new site is state-of-the-art for a canister site implementing a z-wall design that allows all the canisters to be in a line making the site overall more user-friendly, according to Hohn. It also includes a 42-inch wall around the canister that waste must be lifted over, as required by State of Montana Building Codes, unlike the other Jefferson County sites which Hohn characterized as “carry over and drop” facilities.

The site also takes recyclables such as aluminum cans, steel/tin cans, paper and cardboard; as well as bulk metals, used oil, anti-freeze, paint, car batteries, and yard waste such as limbs, brush and grass clippings. 

Going forward, Hohn would like to remind the public to bag their trash, as it makes things run smoother by keeping litter to a minimum, which allows site attendants to attend to other duties, “If you have a question, ask the site attendant. We don’t want to have people doing what they think they should do, we want them to do what is correct,” said Hohn.

The Montana City site is located at 50 McClellan Creek Road. It is open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 

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