Boulder Library Director Jodi Smiley helps a patron with a question. 

Residents served by the Boulder and Whitehall community libraries are being asked to consider a nine mill levy increase to fund a list of improvements, to include added staff, equipment upgrades and building improvements. 

The levy increase will be on the June 2 primary ballot.

If approved, the tax will bring in an additional $141,534 a year, according to a resolution passed in March by the Jefferson County Commissioners.

The added revenue will allow the system to hire a three-quarter-time person at Boulder and at Whitehall, said Boulder Community Library Director Jodi Smiley. The two libraries combined currently have two full-time and two three-quarter-time staffers, she said. 

The added staff would be used for community outreach, such as visits to senior living facilities and area school and daycares, and staffing at city and county events where new patrons can sign up for library cards, said Smiley. 

In addition to added staff, the mill levy revenues would be used to purchase up-to-date computers, software, printers, mobile hotspots, e-books, databases, as well as increase the online presence of both libraries, said Smiley.

Large maintenance projects to be tackled with the revenue include adding a sprinkler system, and replacing the sidewalks and carpet at the Boulder library, said Smiley.

In Whitehall, plans include remodeling the bathrooms, and replacing carpeting and shelving, she said. 

The last time the Boulder and Whitehall community libraries requested a mill levy increase was in 2004, said Smiley. 

The increased tax impact is $6.08 a year for a residence valued at $50,000; an additional $12.15 for a residence valued at $100,000; and an additional $24.30 for a residence valued at $200,000, according to the resolution. 

This mill levy does not apply to those who are served by the Clancy and Montana City libraries as they are in another part of the district, according to Smiley.

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