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Jefferson High Superintendent Tim Norbeck is exploring the feasibility of the district's purchase of this house at 203 E 4th Ave. in Boulder. 

With the blessing of the Jefferson High School District No. 1 board, Superintendent Tim Norbeck will explore the feasibility of the district buying a nearby home that’s been for sale “for quite some time.”

Norbeck explained to the board that teacher Mike Robbins approached him with the idea, stating that “Boulder does not have the best housing possibilities for new staff and so forth” and suggesting that the house might also be a good project for his woods and advanced woods classes.

“Some districts provide housing,” Norbeck told the board. “[I] would have a little bit of a learning curve, but I thought it was a great idea coming from a staffer.”

The house at 203 E 4th Ave., across the street from the school, is listed at $99,900 on Realty406.com and described as a “diamond in the rough [that] just needs a little love to make it shine.”

He stressed that he was asking for the board’s OK only to explore what it would take to buy the house. Given that, he said he would start locating funding options and emailing peers with relevant experience to see how its done.

“Who knows,” he said. “Maybe [the students would] do a phenomenal job with it, sell it and make some money.”

Absent member Denise Brunett, the board unanimously approved Norbeck’s request.

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