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Isabella Warren, 12, holds her “friendship notebook” in the Boulder laundromat Dec. 14.

Earlier this fall a 12-year-old Boulder girl left a notebook at the laundromat on East 2nd Avenue.

“Hello, my name is Isabella,” she wrote on the first page. “I hope you will write in my friendship notebook. In this notebook we will chat to each other and notes. The only rule is that there must be no unkind notes. And please sign your name under your note. I hope you will write.”

She signed it with a heart and her first name and left it and a cup full of writing implements on a countertop. The notebook has remained there since, filling steadily with friendly correspondence between Isabella and numerous launderers.

Isabella — her last name is Warren — recently spoke with The Monitor at the laundromat, accompanied by her mother Katie. She suggested that she decided on a whim to place the notebook there.

“I just thought of it and wanted to do something nice and get to know some people,” she said. “I do like to write.”

She first considered putting up a bulletin board with tacks and notes, but settled on the spiral-bound notebook to keep things simple.

Isabella said she hasn’t yet met anyone who has written in her notebook, but has learned from those who have written — it’s apparent that both kids and adults have filled its pages — “that there’s a lot more kinds of people in Bolder than I thought.”

“My name is Russ and I live up on the hill,” opens one entry. “I am so grateful for your notebook idea. I pray that we all could have compassion for all the people we meet and don’t meet … I hope you receive nothing but love from this.”

“Hi Russ!” responded Isabella. “You’re note is wonderful and so is your heart!”

She added that she’s learned how giving people can be because “they’ve given me a bunch of stuff,” including a necklace and a butterfly with a clip on it.

“I wasn’t expecting nearly the response she’s gotten,” said her mom. “I figured maybe a couple people might write in it. I definitely wasn’t expecting that many people.”

She said it’s clear from the notebook entries that there are “a lot of people in this community who are caring.”

Isabella, who is home-schooled, said that once this first notebook gets used up she’ll put another one out.

“I’m going to keep it out as long as I can,” she said.

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