All members of the Jefferson High School National Honor Society. (Photo by Dawn Smartnick)

Twenty-four Jefferson High School students were inducted in the National Honor Society at a ceremony held April 12 at the school.

Steve Youde of AVATAR Realty talked to the new members about learning from failure and the group was led by his daughter and NHS President Abbie Youde.

To become a member of the National Honor Society, a student must attain a 3.5 GPA or above and all candidates must have a teacher fill out an evaluation form based on the four NHS attributes  — scholarship, service, leadership and character.  

Inducted this year were:

• Sophomores

John Armstrong, Rylee Baird, Trinidy Boyce, Celi Chapman, Jessie Harris, Kylie Kenison, Kinsey Kirsch, Brooklin Marion, Austie May, Emma McCauley, Isabella Morris, Jace Oxarart, Ava Rivera-Brophy, Sidda Rogge, Dylan Root, Quinne Shultz, Caleb Smartnick and Zachary Zody

• Juniors

Luke Eckmann, Tyler Harrington, Brennan Peterson, Royce Schultz and Abram Williams

• Seniors

Derek Rasch


The new inductees join existing members: 

• Seniors

Grace Alexander, Harley Bailey, Cade Coate, Hope Dobyns, Rebecca Emter, Meadow Grace, Madison Leiva, Rebecca Nelson, Mathias Patterson, Aysia Rogne, Rutger Shultz, Hayden Smerker, Hailee Stiles, Abbie Youde and Sam Zody

• Juniors

Saraliba Auch, Kaeria Averill, Shelby Elbert, Preston Field, Jake Genger, Isabel Gilbert, Logan Gillmore, Emily Knickerbocker, Gracie Leiva, Kaydence Lingle, Ellen McLean, Thomas Meyer, Braden Morris, Brooklyn Pancoast, Bryce Shields, Baylee Tone and Rachel Van Blaricom

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