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A recent building condition report recommended creating a new space for the drama and theater department due to conflicts with athletics schedules in the south gym. 

Jefferson High School Superintendent Tim Norbeck has changed his mind. 

Last month, Norbeck had informed the Board of Trustees of his plans to step down when his contract ended June 30. At the time, Norbeck said he wanted to look at other options.

The Board did not take action on Norbeck’s intention at that time, and by the Feb. 16 meeting, he had decided to stay. 

Norbeck, who has served as superintendent at JHS for eight years, said he had been humbled by those who had come to him about leaving, as well as the letters he had received.

One of those letters was from the Boulder Transition Advisory Committee, which was read out loud at the February meeting. The letter stated Norbeck had been a strong participant at the meetings with a track record of good recommendations. 

Norbeck said he was pleased that the Trustees were moving forward with facility improvements and wants to see that process unfold. He also wants to see an increase in student performance at the school. He is also pleased that BTAC is looking into the lack of childcare in Boulder — a problem that directly affects his staff. 

“I think this Board has some good direction and I don’t want that energy to go,” he said. 

“We will refocus what I think is a very good district,” he said. 


Facility improvements

Also that evening, the Board decided to move forward with hiring SMA Architects to look at ways to address some of the facility shortcomings that were part of last year’s evaluation, such as increasing the level access through the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). 

Results from a recent survey sent to registered voters in the district showed that most who responded favored making improvements to the existing facility in Boulder rather than building a new school in the northern end of Jefferson County. The survey also indicated that improvements would likely be accompanied by a tax levy increase. 

It’s important to provide the taxpayers with some ideas on what improvements can be made and how much it will cost, said Norbeck of having SMA provide estimates. 

Boulder Trustee Buster Bullock, who is on the Building/Grounds/Transportation committee, said he had talked to the Jefferson County Commissioners about the possibility of utilizing some space on the northern campus of the former Montana Development Center, which is located adjacent to the school.

The idea was to provide a temporary fix to the space squeeze for the next school year, but the timeline on that project doesn’t fit those parameters, said Bullock in a phone interview.

The north campus is currently owned by the Department of Public Health and Human Services. 

The Jefferson Local Development Corporation recently kicked off the development of a master plan for both the south and north campuses, and that project is expected to be completed at the end of this year. 

Norbeck also said that there is about $200,000 in the school’s metal mines account that could be used for some ADA fixes. 


Trustees election

Jefferson High School Trustees Kevin Harris and Cami Robson are up for reelection in May. 

Harris is an at-large position and Robson represents the Clancy area. 

“I am still weighing my options on running. As you know, I am the Board chair at Clancy School and a firefighter and the treasurer at the Clancy Volunteer Fire Department. My evenings get pretty busy and family time is also very important. I would like to stay on and help mould the future of JHS. In the event I decide not to run, I have complete faith in my other trustees to make JHS the best it can,” said Harris.

Robson said she will make a final decision on whether she will run again or not very soon. If so, it will be for a second term. 

The Trustee positions are for three year terms.

The trustee elections will be in a mail-in ballot format and the Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder will oversee the process. 

The schools can provide interested candidates with a declaration of intent and an oath of candidacy and those need to be turned in by March 25. 

Potential candidates must be a registered voter in their respective school districts. 

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