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Jefferson High School Superintendent Tim Norbeck

The first month of the school year was busy with many activities, and began with another increase in the size of the student body: 293, up 23 over last year.

Training and professional development opportunities have taken place through the Literacy Grant as we begin our second year of increasing literacy across the curriculum.

Jefferson High also started providing assistance for success by implementing the Panther Study Table. Twice a month on Friday, academic support will now be available to all students. A bus will run in the morning and afternoon, transporting any high school student that is interested. Please pass the word regarding this great opportunity for students.

Jefferson High’s homecoming week schedule was full. It included a pep rally, float preparation, “macho” volleyball, “powder puff” football, parade and school carnival. For the fourth year in a row, the pep band marched and played in the parade. There was a great representation of student musicians in the parade. Kudos goes out to the band and Matt Bowman for a great job.

The school carnival was successful again and the pregame community barbecue was well attended. A big thank you goes out to the JHS Booster Club who provided all the hamburgers, hot dogs, buns and, more importantly, the help needed to make this event a success. Also, thanks to all who brought side dishes and desserts. The event drew hundreds of students and community members who had the opportunity to visit and enjoy a meal together on a beautiful night in the JHS outdoor classroom.

A number of classes had school reunions during this time, including those of 1979, 1999 and 2009. The 1979 class met and toured the school campus, and the 1999 class provided financial support for the new mat at the entrance of the school.

A handful of alumni commented on the physical improvements of the building including the new pavement in front of the building and the enhanced safety improvements including egress in the building and security cameras. Cameras in the north gym and football stadium serve a dual purpose, as they are also used to stream athletic events.

The district purchased a new computer numerical control (CNC) computerized cutter for the welding shop. This equipment is state-of-the-art and will provide great opportunities for both students and curriculum. I look forward to seeing the talents of our students and staff with this equipment.

This past weekend, JHS hosted an eight-team statewide volleyball tournament. It was a great opportunity to showcase JHS and the community of Boulder. Thanks to all who helped with endeavor and also Boulder Elementary for the use of their gymnasium for the junior varsity tournament.

I look forward to another great year!

Tim Norbeck is superintendent of Jefferson High School.

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