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Jefferson High might soon have a Boulder Police officer onsite for one hour a day, four days a week.

The Jefferson High School District No. 1 board at its Nov. 19 meeting — absent member Denise Brunett — unanimously approved a contract between the school and the City of Boulder that sets and defines expectations for the arrangement, which will provide the school with a student resource officer, or SRO.

The contract must now be approved by the city.

According to the terms of the contract, the SRO will remain supervised by and an employee of the city and be a part of the school’s administrative team. The school will pay the city a flat fee of $5,000 a year for the service, an amount Superintendent Tim Norbeck said would be prorated for the first year because the contract will begin after the start of the school year.

Norbeck also said that the contract, based on a template from the Montana School Boards Association, will be renewed or revisited near its expiration date of June 30, 2020.

Though the contract does not say which Boulder police officer will be the SRO, Police Chief Joe Canzona previously told The Monitor it would be Officer Jordan Grimsrud. The contract allows for the possibility of assigning or hiring other part-time SROs in the future.

The contract lays out numerous reasons for having an SRO at the school and assigns various duties to the role.

“Serious crime by or involving young people, drug and alcohol abuse, campus violence and potential for gang activity necessitate a strong working relationship between the City and school,” it states, judging that relationship “an efficient and desirable means for effectively addressing juvenile-related crime and other problems.”

Calling the SRO “instrumental in providing a safe environment conducive to the learning process,” the contract states among the role’s responsibilities the enforcement of the state’s school attendance mandates.

Other responsibilities include offering testimony at expulsion hearings, helping the school with law enforcement and safety-related policies and procedures and related training or drills “as deemed necessary,” and meeting with school officials to assess any student thought to be a threat and helping to create a “safety plan” for that student.

The SRO will only be involved in searches conducted by school personnel if a criminal act is involved or in unsafe situations, and cannot disclose identifying student information to “non-district personnel without prior approval of school district administration.”

Norbeck said the contract was sent to City Attorney Jana McGill for review.

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