082819 In-county rodeo Audrey Williams goat tying.jpg

Audrey Williams competes in goat tying in the at the Jefferson County in-county rodeo on Aug. 23. 

All-Around Cowgirl Award

  • Ashley McCauley

All-Around Cowboy Award

  • Josh Becker

Goat Tying

  1. Kassidy Dunnagan
  2. Brady Nordahl
  3. Drew Zipperian

Team Penning

  1. Ashley McCauley, Quenten McCauley, Ed McCauley
  2. Bo Carey, Kelly Carey, Justin Carey
  3. Chase Holt, Todd Amsbaugh, Amber Amsbaugh

Team Branding

  1. Quentin McCauley, Ashley McCauley, Ed McCauley, Justin McCauley
  2. Karen Davidson, Robin Becker, Josh Becker, Ryan Lewis
  3. Craig Turk, Colleen Holt, David Popelka, Dean Briggs

Ladies Breakaway

  1. Jenelle White
  2. Colleen Holt

Ribbon Roping

  1. Brady Nordahl and Brian Dawson
  2. Robin Becker and Josh Becker

Ladies Barrels

  1. Keslie Wolfe
  2. Drew Zipperian
  3. Kassidy Zipperian

Junior Barrels

  1. Hope Nieskens
  2. Arena Faler
  3. Savannah Taylor

Steer Riding

  1. Kylar Rintimaki

Cow Riding

  1. Jayzic Beaupre
  2. Forrest Rogne

Team Roping

  1. Chase Holt and Cotton Holt
  2. Josh Becker and Kody Mintyala
  3. Chase Holt and Todd Amsbaugh

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