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Tory Vincent Gee escaped from the Jefferson County Detention Center 10:25 p.m. Friday, Oct. 11.

Arraignment has been set for Tory Vincent Gee, the Jefferson County Detention Center inmate who escaped Oct. 11 and was apprehended a week later.

Gee is scheduled to answer to felony charges of escape and criminal mischief at 9 a.m. Nov. 13 in Montana Fifth Judicial District Court in Boulder.

The criminal mischief charge is due to Gee allegedly having caused structural damage of more than $1,500 to the Detention Center, court documents state. 

Gee, 27, escaped 10:25 p.m. Friday, Oct. 11 and sometime after is suspected of having stolen a pickup truck from the vicinity of the jail. He is also suspected of stealing two other vehicles, in Twin Bridges and Dillon, before he was apprehended by U.S. Marshals in a farm field near Charlo in Lake County the afternoon of Oct. 18.  

Jail officials have said Gee “compromised” his cell, while KPAX-TV reported that Gee cut a hole in the ceiling of his cell, crawled through the attic space, broke through the ceiling in the janitor’s closet and escaped through the door.

Jefferson County Sheriff Craig Doolittle that a “strange noise” caught the attention of a Jefferson County Detention Officer and led to his discovery that Gee was not in his cell prior to his escape.

“I believe it was about [8:45 p.m.] when the detention officer noticed that [Gee’s] cell had been compromised and he was not in it,” Doolittle said.

Gee was previously arrested Aug. 17 and being held in Jefferson County on a Madison County warrant on suspicion of assault with a weapon with bond set at $50,000. 

Gee is on probation and has previous convictions in Beaverhead County for assault with a weapon, carrying concealed weapons and burglary, according to the Montana Department of Corrections. He is a violent offender on the Montana Sexual or Violent Offender Registry due to an assault with a weapon charge.

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