071019 4th of July 1

One of the final volleys of fireworks explodes over Capital Hill.

The annual Boulder fireworks display is on for the Fourth of July, but plans for the parade remain uncertain.

Boulder’s Fourth of July parade is not going to happen this year unless a plan is developed and submitted to the Jefferson County Health Board, according to Bruce Binkowski, Jefferson County events coordinator.

Binkowski said it is up to the city and/or the community organization or individual to submit a plan to the Jefferson County Health Board on how the parade would be able to operate under Phase 2 COVID-19 restrictions. Currently, Binkowski is unsure if anybody has taken the lead on making a plan to do so. 

However, the City of Boulder will not be sponsoring the parade this year, according to City Clerk Ellen Harne, as it has not done so in the past.  In past years, the parade has not been formally organized by any particular group or organization, instead people just show up, according to Binkowski.

“It’s kind of a community thing that just happens,” Binkowski said.

He said that he and his wife have helped line up cars in past parades, but they have not personally organized the parade. This year, both have recused themselves from participating due to a conflict of interest, as Christina Binkowski, Bruce’s wife, is on the Jefferson County Health Board.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the parade, this year’s Fourth of July fireworks show is still going to happen as it has in the past. Carmen Craft, a Kiwanis member, has talked to both city and county officials to make sure that the firework show will abide by COVID-19 guidelines the night of the Fourth.

Craft said this year’s show will be grander than years prior due to a donation from the See and Save Thrift Shoppe in Boulder. She declined to specify the amount, but did say that they were able to purchase a better variety of fireworks due to the donation.

The Kiwanis Club sells fireworks every year to the community, which in turn, helps fund the next year’s firework show. This year, the Kiwansis will be selling fireworks in the Jefferson High School parking lot next to the city pool from June 27 through July 4.

In addition to Kiwanis buying the fireworks, Sky Top Ranch pays for the insurance for the display. Craft said that the show wouldn’t happen without that contribution. Also, members from both the Bull Mountain and Boulder volunteer fire departments are in charge of lighting the fireworks.

The fireworks show is scheduled to begin at dusk, around 10:15 p.m., on the Fourth of July from the top of Capital Hill, and will last about 20 minutes.

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