Jefferson County Commissioner Cory Kirsch has received a cost estimate to regrade Basin Street in Basin. 

The work would remove the slope of the street that has caused a height difference between the road and the sidewalk, said Kirsch at the Oct. 13 Commission meeting. 

The estimated cost is about $78,000, according to the Montana Department of Transportation. 

Kirsch said the county had many years ago received a grant to fix the sidewalks, but that has resulted in the sloping street, he said. 

Residents describe the street as having been built up higher than the sidewalk, which is exacerbated in the winter when the snow is plowed and piled up. 

“If I don’t keep my sidewalk clear of snow and the Highway Department plow guys don’t plow right up to the sidewalk, it will, and has, flooded into the front of my house,” said Basin Street resident Joy Lewis.  

“I’ve had to sandbag my house sometimes in the past during spring melt or a sudden chinook,” she said.

“If someone parks properly on the road they can hardly get out on the driver’s side, especially older folks because of the tilt in slope. I’ve had people make u-turns in front of my house and slide right onto the sidewalk and come close to hitting my house,” said Lewis of the road when it ices up in the winter. 

The area in question runs along Basin Street, roughly between Spruce Street and Quartz Avenue. 

Kirsch said it causes issues in terms of the American with Disabilities Act, and therefore, there may be grant money available to make the fix. 

Kirsch said the cost estimate was “reasonable,” and perhaps the county can perform some in-kind work to make the project happen. 

“If you ever try to get in the Silver Saddle in the winter, it’s an experience,” said Commissioner Bob Mullen. 

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