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Local officials and representatives of Mosaic Architects and Great West Engineering tour the area west of the I-15 interchange Dec. 13. 

A report comparing and contrasting three potential sites for a proposed Western Legacy Center in Boulder has been released and the public is invited to provide feedback at an upcoming meeting.

The preliminary architectural and engineering report was produced by Mosaic Architecture of Helena, which discussed a draft with the Jefferson County commissioners Feb. 25. It covers three potential sites for what local officials are calling a Western Legacy Center.

The report’s purpose was to suss out development potential for the three sites and estimate the costs involved in making it happen, with the goal of helping to inform a community’s decision for whether and how to proceed with development. A number of criteria were considered -- including site access, the availability of infrastructure and public utilities and any associated development costs -- and the caveat noted that the Western Legacy Center’s layout is unknown.

The three sites identified for evaluation are the west side of the I-15 interchange in Boulder; the area of Cattle Drive road just south of Boulder, and the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.

Of the three proposed locations, the I-15 interchange rated highest on the most criteria, but its estimated development costs were the highest at $619,900, compared to $258,600 for the Cattle Drive location and $255,400 for the fairgrounds location. The higher cost of building the center at the interchange would be due primarily to extending water and sewer lines to the area.

The commissioners will hold a public meeting to discuss the report and proposed center at 6 p.m. Wednesday, March 18, in Volunteer Hall at the fairgrounds.

For more information call 406-225-4025.

The project stems from a proposal that originally sought to build the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center on the west side of the I-15 interchange. That proposal was turned down, but the County has hoped to create something similar to boost the local economy.

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