A local landowner has submitted plans for a single-family housing development to be located near Boulder Cemetery.

The pre-application, filed with the City of Boulder by Boulder resident Chad Bullock, calls for 41 building lots. Bullock said the entire parcel is about 40 acres, and a portion of the property will need to be annexed into the town. This is Bullock’s first attempt at creating a housing development, he said.

That way the entire parcel is completely located within city limits, said Bullock.

Boulder Mayor Rusty Guilio said the project would include connections to city water and sewer — another reason for a portion of the property to be annexed into the town.

Bullock said the targeted area is one of few places left in Boulder to expand, given the constraints imposed by the Boulder River, Interstate 15 and ranch property.

Bullock wants to make the properties affordable, but as yet did not have further details such as potential home prices or number of bedrooms.

This is the first pre-application for a housing development to be submitted under the city’s new subdivision regulations, said Boulder City Clerk Ellen Harne.

Harne stressed that the project is in the preliminary phases and will likely change as it makes its way through the process.

Giulio sees residential development as a way to increase the tax base of the city.

“We need a few more residents to pay for our infrastructure and maintain it,” said Guilio.

A developer of a major development — six or more lots — has one year after completing the pre-application to submit a preliminary plat application.

A public hearing before the Planning Board is held after the preliminary plat application has been completed and reviewed, according to the city’s new subdivision regulations. Once the preliminary plat application has been approved, it is valid for three years, according to the Boulder subdivision regulations.

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