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A survey designed to gauge property owner support for a centralized water system in Clancy is now in the mail. 

Residents are advised that the envelope is coming from the Midwest Assistance Program with a Bozeman address, according to Michelle Pond with MAP, an organization that assists rural communities with infrastructure and development needs. The organization is assisting the Clancy Water and Sewer District with the survey. 

Clancy Water and Sewer District President Dave Leitheiser urges residents to complete the survey as quickly as possible. 

“To make it clear, there is no predetermined outcome and we are not just going through the motions; your opinion matters.  Your response will have a major impact and will guide the Clancy Water and Sewer District Board on this important community issue.  Your Clancy Water and Sewer District Board needs your feedback to make informed decisions and to determine the future course to follow,” said Leitheiser. 

MAP also plans to host private well training in Clancy on March 16, 6-7 p.m. at the Legal Tender, 7 Legal Tender Lane in Clancy.

The free training will include information for property owners on how to have their wells tested for uranium and nitrates at no cost. 

Walk-ins are welcome, but to make sure there is enough space and materials, attendees are asked to register by contacting Lenora Rogstad at 406-422-2640 or at or Jesse Campbell at 816-676-8610 or at

The community water system is being considered as a solution to elevated levels of nitrates and uranium in some private wells within the district. Elevated levels of nitrates and uranium are considered a public health concern. The plan for the centralized well system, while on the district’s agenda for years, hit a snag last year when the Clancy Elementary School Trustees declined a request to put a test well on its property. A second site, at Marks Ranch, also led to opposition and that was followed by the resignation of all but one Board member. The Board has since been reinstated with new members. Those new members will serve until the May 4 election. 

A test well is needed to determine if there is enough water of sufficient quality and quantity to support a centralized water system. 

The next Clancy Water and Sewer District meeting is Feb. 23, 6:30 p.m. in the conference room at the Clancy Library. 


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