Clancy Days and the Governor’s Cup running races both resumed their annual schedule on Saturday, allowing residents of Jefferson County to celebrate the warmth they felt from both the beaming sun on a nearly cloudless day and from their ability to finally gather again as a community.

The Governor’s Cup marathon started in Jefferson City in the early hours of the morning, with the starting gun firing its echoing shot at 6 a.m. Shortly after, a series of shorter races began from starting points in Clancy and Helena.

Montana was well represented in race results, with four Montanans among the top three in the men’s and women’s marathons. The top-three finishers for the men’s marathon were: Keith Miller of Missoula in first place, Sean Wilde of Cheyenne, Wyoming, in second place and Michael Kaiser of Montana City in third place.  In the women’s marathon, the first place finisher was Heather Lieberg of Helena, followed by Sadie Smith of Kirkwood, Missouri, and Amanda Peterson of Billings in third.

As the sun rose and the day began to warm, Clancy Days ramped up—starting with a flea market and then expanding into full-blown festivities with vendors, food, exhibits, a car show in the parking lot of Legal Tender restaurant, a kids’ fair with a bounce house and small petting zoo, and a parade.

Each vendor, from a young man and his father selling shed-antler dog chews, to Jane Hamman at the Daughters of the American Revolution antique sale, echoed the same refrain: “Isn’t it a beautiful day?”

It was.

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