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The information kiosk in Stevensville is being used as a model for a similar structure in Boulder.

The Boulder Area Chamber of Commerce has agreed to donate $500 toward building an informational kiosk for Veterans Park in Boulder. 

The kiosk will be fashioned after a similar structure in Stevensville, according to Jan Ziettlow, co-chair of the marketing committee with the Boulder Transition Advisory Committee and the Boulder Development Fund.

The kiosk will provide visitors information about what is going on in Boulder, its history, business information and more, said Ziettlow.

The plans will go before the Boulder City Council in July, and pending approval, it will be constructed by Kelly Conway, the former maintenance man at Boulder Hot Springs, said Ziettlow.

It will take about a week to build and install the steel and metal structure, said Ziettlow. 

The display panels will have a plexiglass cover and the pamphlet boxes will each have a lid to protect the contents, said Ziettlow. 

The kiosk is one of the projects devised through the Boulder Development Fund and $5,000 has been set aside for its construction and installation. 

The Boulder Development Fund includes $500,000 provided by the state due to the closing of the Montana Development Center. The kiosk project grant of $5,000 from the Department fo Commerce requires the city to match one-third of that amount, or $1,6666.67, according to Ziettlow. 

The Chamber’s $500 donation can put put toward that match, she said.

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