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An aerial representation of where lots will be located for the proposed Fuller Addition Subdivision in Boulder. The aerial view was included in the Preliminary Plat Application prepared by Morrison Maierle. 

The Boulder Zoning Commission is scheduled to hear an annexation and zoning map request by Chad Bullock, who has plans to develop residential building lots in the city.

The roughly 29 acres is located next to the Boulder Cemetery, and includes two tracts of 17.2 and 12.2 acres. 

If annexed, the land would be eligible to connect to city water and sewer. 

The meeting is scheduled for April 5, 6:30 p.m. at Boulder City Hall.

Bullock’s annexation application indicates he is seeking a low density residential zoning district designation. Under that designation, lots are to be a minimum of 5,000 square feet, or .1 acres for single family dwellings, and at least 8,000 square feet for two-family dwellings. 

A preliminary plat application submitted to the city indicates that the “Fuller Addition Subdivision” will have 36 lots, averaging a half acre each. The proposed subdivision will surround the Boulder Cemetery on three sides, and access will be by an extension of 2nd Avenue to the east and by the existing access to the Boulder Cemetery. 

The plat application estimates the subdivision will bring in 90 additional residents, at 2.5 per household, and add another 288 vehicles a day to 2nd Avenue. 

Bullock said his plan was to develop and sell the lots and let the buyers find their own contractors to build the house. 

Once heard by the Zoning Commission, the applications will move onto the City Council for final consideration. 

Affordable housing is a topic that has been targeted by the Boulder City Council in recent months, and has taken on added significance with the anticipated move to Boulder by the Montana Highway Patrol. The move is expected to include more than 20 employees of the agency. 

The lack of housing in Boulder has been a long-standing concern and some city officials have pointed to Bullock’s proposed development as a way to ease the problem. 

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