The Boulder city pool.

The Boulder city pool will open in late June or early July, but due to Phase 2 of state COVID-19 guidelines, pool operations will look very different than in years past, according to Pool Manager Jessica Craft. 

Craft said changes will include six-foot social distancing between individuals that do not belong to the same family, and a maximum capacity of 45 people in the pool at one time — an amount she doesn’t think the pool will reach regardless. All violations of the COVID-19 guidelines will be enforced by lifeguards with a warning on the first offense, and a possible removal from the pool upon sequential violations.

“There will just be a constant reminder that they (swimmers) can’t splash or be around each other,” Craft said.

In addition to the restrictions imposed by state COVID-19 guidelines, changes will also include lifeguard training on how to identify COVID-19 symptoms, posters around the pool area stating swimmers should maintain social distancing, removing chairs and tables to encourage social distancing and sanitizing tables and bathrooms every 30 minutes. 

Pool hours this summer have changed from the typical sessions of past years, from 1-5 p.m. and 6-9 p.m. to 1-4 p.m. and 5-8 p.m. Craft said the reduction in hours will help reduce the amount of swimmers and their potential for contact. She said swim lessons this year will not be available due to the inability to socially distance while providing instruction.

Opening day for the pool is awaiting ongoing repairs and maintenance by the city, such as a crack in the pool and fine-tuning the boiler, said Craft.  

She said there are new issues every year, but they can almost always count on the pool leaking a little.

Admission is $2.50 per session for children age 17 and under and $3 for adults. Season passes are $60 for children, $70 for adults and $150 for a family.  Ten-day passes are available for $20 for children and $25 for adults. And lastly, the pool is available to rent on Sundays at $40 for three hours.

Ultimately, Craft hopes that children will come and swim as they have in years prior, despite the changes.

“We will just see if kids come and if they buy passes,” Craft said.

Andrea Dolezal is the parent of three frequent swimmers, Karsyn, 10, Reagan, 7 and Grady, 3. Dolezal and her kids look forward to the pool opening every summer. 

“It just means summer, I guess,” Dolezal said, “ It’s some place for the kids to go and hang with their friends.”

However, that may not be the case this year with the COVID-19 guidelines the pool management has to impose on users. In fact, Dolezal’s children will have to stay six feet away from other children in the pool due to the COVID-19 guidelines.  She said her kids are also feeling bummed because the swim lessons they enjoyed in the past, and were looking forward to this year, were canceled.

“I think it will be very difficult because they haven’t seen their friends in three months,” Dolezal said, “It will be hard, not impossible, but definitely hard.”

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